Dances for January 31, 2017

It was a big night for Ramona as she got her first very own kilted skirt!  Hope you enjoy it for many  years to come!  Make sure to wear it to class, social events, the grocery store and on public transport!  I love how Ramona’s waist is actually above my bosom in this photo. Nice.


Here are this week’s dances:

Holly started us off with two circle dances:

Wedding at Fingask Castle        circle 32J       H. Boyd

Mayflower  circle 32 J

And then Margaret took over (welcome back and also, it’s about damn time) with

Selkirk Settlers    3C set 48R3 Let’s All Dance M. Zadworny


Johnny’s New Jig   32J2 Let’s All Dance S. Langdon Kass


Then came the Strathspeys…. Holly taught us

Welcome to A&P        32S2 H. Boyd

and Margaret did

Asilomar Romantic    32S3 San Francisco Vol 2 T. Cuthbertson


And Holly concluded the evening with one of my favourites,

Captain’s House     32R3 RSCDS Graded 3 H. Boyd

Warning: You may recognize some of the people in the video below


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