Dances for February 14, 2017

What better activity for Valentine’s Day than Scottish country dance?? (don’t answer that).  Over 20 people attended (welcome back, Anne!), primarily because of Katie’s promise of heart-shaped cookies (little did we know we had hours of Strathspey step practice in front of us.  And by hours, I of course mean 20 minutes).

Holly started us off with
Festival Interceltique circle 32R RSCDS Four for 2008 I. Brockbank Feb-14


Then, after Margaret’s ode to the Strathspey, we used our newly-perfected steps on

Delvine Side   32S3 RSCDS Book 2 W. Campbell


Holly, at Jane’s request and in honour of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, did the Star Wars dance, which is actually the Star Trek dance and has now been renamed

Star Trek “Wars”  32R4   A Nony Mouse

I danced with Dagmar, and we exchanged looks that reflected our love for this dance throughout.  Margaret was extremely distraught about not being able to join in, but luckily, Ramona bravely gave Margaret her place and took this video (I’m sure the “over my dead body” comment that I heard was coming from outside).  Everyday heroes are among us.

Duncan also did an excellent job supervising our dancing!


After the break and yummy cookies by Katie and also Michael, Holly taught us

De’il Amang the Tailors   32R3 RSCDS Book 14


oh goody, another Strathspey:

Out of Thin Air 32S3 RSCDS Draded 3 S. Porter


Holly ended the evening with

Capital Jig   32J3 RSCDS 5 for 2009 T. Mackay


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