Dances for February 21, 2017

Challenge was the word of the day as Dagmar and Margaret threw us into the deep end with some harder dances, but luckily everyone was able to swim (or at least float on the surface until 911 arrived).   It was great preparation for the upcoming Spring dance!

Margaret started with
Hunting Horn     32J3 SD Archives P. McBride

and the lovely

Napiers Index   40J3 RSCDS Book 45

Then Dagmar, after calling me Katie once or twice,  did her version of

La Rousse d’Ecosse 40S3 Reel Friends 2 Tweaked by Dagmar

At the break, we had yummy apple crumb cake provided by Katie for Ramona’s birthday!! Happy birthday, Ramona!

Dagmar continued with

Dancing Dolphins 32J3 Dolphin Book B.Skelton


and Margaret ended the night with the challenging Strathspey



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