Dances for February 28, 2017

More Spring dance practice underway!

Holly started us off with her

Meet the Corners 3C set 32J3 H. Boyd


Flowers of Edinburgh 32R3 RSCDS Book 1

I think the attire in the video below should be mandatory for all classes!


Then Margaret did some step practice and poussette fun, with the 2s and 4s forgetting to step up on

Tomalena   32R5 San Francisco Vol 2 Gratiot & Douglas


Then it was Strathspey time as Holly made us feel wealthy with the smell of

Monymusk 32S3 RSCDS Book 11


and Margaret made me not too happy with the hyperbolic (seriously, one happiness isn’t enough, you need three?)

Triple Happiness   3C set 32S3 Leaflet Y. Oyama

We finished off the night with the “clover-leafed” dances that are easy to mix-up,

Captains House 32R3 RSCDS Graded 3 H. Boyd



Mairis Wedding 40R3 22 SCDs J. Cosh

Check out the awesome 90s fashion below, complete with crappy quality video!


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